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Activities in the Area

The Lake Windermere Whiteway is located in the beautiful Columbia Valley in British Columbia, Canada. In 2014, the Whiteway won the world record for the longest skating trail boasting over 30 KM of ice-skating with groomed skating and classic ski trails. The Whiteway offers winter sports enthusiasts an incredible facility, adding to the already abundant list of winter activities available in the stunning Columbia Valley on the warm side of the Rockies.


Fairmont Golf Courses: 

Coy’s Par 3 Golf Course

Birdie time!

Columbia Valley Golf Courses:  Once you’ve had a chance to play the Fairmont area courses, explore the rest of the Columbia Valley Golf Courses for a variety of course styles and challenges.

Eagle Ranch
Greywolf at Panorama
Radium Golf Course
The Springs Course
Windermere Valley
The Ridge at Copper Point

Golf is available during the spring, summer and fall seasons. If golfing is not your style, Fairmont has lots of other amenities to offer you. The Natural Springs Spa at the Fairmont Resort offers several styles of massages, wraps, manicures and pedicures.  Please call 250.345.6007 to book your appointment.

For those adventurous at heart, guided horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, a leisurely float down the Columbia River, kayaking, ATV tours, and white water rafting are all at your fingertips. Various local operators offer these services and they have something for all levels of participations.
Come to the Recreation Centre and browse through the brochures to find fun & adventurous things to do.

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Fairmont Ski Hill
Alpine skiing at the Fairmont Ski Area is a favourite winter activity. Ski lessons are geared to individuals or groups are taught by CSIA trained instructors. They can take you from the basics of skiing to a level of advanced progression. After a day of skiing, season pass holders enjoy a complimentary soak at Fairmont Hot Springs natural mineral hot pools. The ski season begins in late December to early April.

The Fairmont Ski Area is located three kilometres past the Fairmont Hot Springs Lodge.

Perfect for all ages & abilities, the family-friendly ski area combines everything you need for a fun day on the slopes!  With fantastic snow conditions, equipment rentals & ski shop, tube & terrain parks, snow school, delicious slope-side dining, and of course striking views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains & Columbia Valley, you’re sure to have the best time.

There is a total of 12 runs ranging from green to black diamond, something for everyone and 3 lifts (including the Pony Express). Don’t forget to check out the two-levels of terrain parks, an easier one for beginners, kids, or anyone looking to practice and the upper terrain park with 20 features, for those looking for a little more excitement.

For more information on the Fairmont Family Ski Area and to view the special daily rates for Mountainside Villa owners, please click HERE.

• Fairmont Ski Rental and Repair Shop (250) 345-6029


Panorama Mountain Resort
Panorama is ranked as #1 resort for most space per skier among the world’s 100 largest ski areas.  It is a 45-minute drive northwest of Fairmont Hot Springs which offers skiing on 2,975 acres of terrain – ranging from wide open fall-line cruisers to powder-filled tree lines and the steep and deep exhilaration of the “New” Taynton Bowl. Skiing begins in early December and winds down in mid-April.  They have 10 lifts including double, triple and quad chairs, T-bar and platter lifts.   Heli-skiing is available,  call 250 342-6941 for information.

Please see our brochure rack for other ski areas: Kimberley, Fernie, Golden, Banff and Lake Louise, all within a 1 to a 2 hour drive from Fairmont.
Daily snow reports are posted on the notice board in the Recreation Centre.