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Activities to do

Office life, small spaces, traffic, noise pollutions, commuting and hectic schedules all conspire to turn ordinary human beings into stressed out, time-stared, nervous wrecks.  Fortunately there is another way!

The Columbia Valley, with it’s natural mineral hot springs, weather, lakes, beaches, ski hills, scenery, golf courses and peaceful ambiance, represents a no-side effects cure for what ails city dwellers.  It provides unhurried asylum for the stressed, the over worked, and the anxious – all in one valley.  

Recharge your depleted batteries….Save your tortured souls.

We are the peaceful garden that is humanity’s birthright.      




  • Valley Alley Bowling in Windermere – 250-342-2695



  • There is such a vast variety of hikes in the Columbia Valley which you can find information through the ALL TRAILS-INVERMERE website.
  • PlayWest Mountain Experience – Their guests are guided away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersed into incredible  hiking trails.  


  • Alpine Rafting – The adventures offered provide things that simply cannot be put into words
  • Kootenay River Runners – Whitewater rafting the Purcell and Rocky Mountains since 1976
  • Wild Water Adventures – The crew of Wild Water Adventures take great pride in meeting, greeting and guiding each and every guest down the Kicking Horse River


  • A Bar Z Mountain Adventures – Their goal is to give their guests the adventure of a lifetime – and leave them with a story they won’t forget
  • Luxor Corrals – Offering guided trail rides on friendly well-trained horses and mules