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Resale Listing Information and Terms

This section has been created for the benefit of leaseholders of the Fairmont Vacation Villas at Mountainside, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Canada. Fairmont Villa Management’s mandate is to act on the behalf of all our leaseholders. It is our hope this section will be helpful to Mountainside leaseholders wishing to divest themselves of their leasehold interests.

The cost to leaseholders to list their leases on the website is currently $78.75 per lease (inclusive of applicable taxes). Fairmont Villa Management does not act as an agent or realtor and provides this service solely in an effort to be helpful to leaseholders. No commission is payable to Fairmont Villa Management as a result of a successful sale.

It should be noted that the standard transfer of ownership charge of $241.50 (inclusive of applicable taxes) will be levied at the time the transfer of ownership is initiated to cover the legal fees involved.

The For Sale List will consist of each leases basic parameters, the year in which the lease will expire, the asking price, season, villa size, whether its use is based on floating or fixed time, and a fifty character space in which leaseholders may wish to point out some especially relevant lease specifics. Leaseholder names, telephone numbers and addresses will not be published. Fairmont Villa Management will strive to ensure the accuracy of all information provided. Our best efforts will be made to safeguard individual owner privacy.

This list will be regularly updated by Fairmont Villa Management staff. Submissions from those interested in being placed on the list must be provided on the downloadable Re-sale Listing Form provided below. It should be returned to our office via Canada Post, facsimile or Email.
The For Sale website will be submitted periodically to search engines related to items for sale, vacation ownership, timeshare, resorts, and the like.

In order for us to set up your lease on the for sale listing on our website, please complete the “Owners Form” and send it back via E-mail, Fax or mail.