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When to call and book

Many owners are asking “What day do we call to reserve for our week?”

We have simplified the weeks schedule for you.  Click on the below chart to see what day you must call to reserve the corresponding week in the following year.

Our booking day for each week is MONDAY (call on a Monday  in 2022 to book for 2023)  

For example: To book for week 30 in 2023 you must call us on Monday July 25th, 2022 (at 9:00 am MST) and you may book any of the check in dates of that week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday arrival)

What day do I call to book for 2025

Please note** Booking day for 2025 will be FRIDAY (see charts below)

Please note if a booking day falls on a Statutory Holiday, Reservations will be closed.  The booking day will be the next business day i.e. if Monday is a statutory holiday the booking day will be Tuesday.

Please call on the booking day for each week to book one year in advance.
Reservations are only made by phone or email:

What day to call for 2024
What day to call for 2025