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Your Villa

The unit has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, awaiting your arrival. Supplies have been replenished, it should be spotless with everything in good working order. If something has been inadvertently overlooked, please let our front desk staff know as soon as possible after check-in so that it can be corrected quickly. Furthermore, mentioning items requiring attention at check-out is helpful and will benefit the next villa occupants, and you, in the long run.

Treating your villa like your home is something we expect and hope you will respect. Not doing so will be costly for all. Of particular concern is failure to remove golf shoes and ski boots before walking on the wooden decks and through the villa.


The villas are fully equipped with everything to make cooking a convenient option.  You will find a complete list of items by clicking on this link ONE BEDROOM VILLA  or TWO BEDROOM VILLA. By using this link, you will find the  LOCATION OF KITCHEN SUPPLIES On the deck, you will find a BBQ for your use.

The following are available to borrow at no charge during your stay, and can be picked up at the front desk:

  • Baking dishes, Crockpots, Blenders, Griddles, Popcorn poppers, and Salad spinners
  • Raised toilet seat, Safety bath rail, Safety gate and Baby booster seats

If you have small children along with you, and you don’t have the space to pack highchairs and cribs along, we have the following items for rent, and ask that  you pre-book these items:

  • Highchairs and Playpens are $20.00 + tax/week
  • Strollers are $5.00 = tax/day OR $30.00 + tax/week
  • Foamies are $20.00 + tax/week

We supply hand soap, but DO NOT supply hair shampoo & conditioner or body lotion.  We supply dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, but DO NOT supply fabric softener for laundry items.

Please do not take towels, cushions, linens, dishes or other furnishings outside your villa. Towels for swimming at the Recreation Centre are available at the change room entrances. Please place used towels in receptacles provided.  In order to reduce upholstery cleaning costs, please do not sit on the furniture while wet or wearing suntan lotion.

*Please note*

  • All villas are 100% NON-SMOKING and there is a strict NO PETS policy in effect.


You will find instruction manuals in a kitchen drawer for many of the unit appliances. Please read them or inquire at the Front Desk if you are unfamiliar with the operation of a particular appliance. If something does not work, please do not try to fix it yourself as we have a full-time maintenance team on staff to assist you.


A complimentary bundle of firewood has been provided for your enjoyment, except in the summer months. You will find the fireplace lighting instructions on the fireplace mantel. Additional firewood bundles may be purchased at the Recreation Centre front desk.


Our valued housekeeping team works to ensure the cleanliness of your villa. All employees are trained to ensure that the high standards Mountainside Owners have come to expect are maintained in an efficient manner. The team works diligently and conscientiously within a very limited time frame. A little bit of help on your part will go a long way and is much appreciated. We politely request that you assist in the following:

  • Sofa Beds

Your sofa bed has not been made up. Bed linens are stored in the front hall closet. Unfortunately, the beds are neither designed nor constructed to accommodate sheets and blankets when folded. Leaving these on the sofa mattress while in a folded position damages the mechanism, making it very difficult to open and close. It would be greatly appreciated if, before folding the bed away, it is stripped.

  • Clean Up

Upon your departure, it is requested that you put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on. The cleaning staff will put them away. We request that the plastic items, including plastic handled stay-sharp knives, pots and frying pans, be washed by hand. Plastic items may melt in the dishwasher, and the pots and pans do not clean properly without hand-eye attention. S.O.S pads have been provided to assist with the pots and frying pans. Please do not use these pads on Teflon coated surfaces.

  • Oven

If the oven is soiled, please turn on the self-clean feature after its last use.

  • Garbage & Recycling

All garbage bagged or otherwise, should be taken out on a regular basis to the bins outside of clusters C-E-F-G-J-L-P-R-W.
Also, please take your garbage and recycling to a bin provided when checking out of your unit.

  • Fridge

Please do not turn off your fridge before leaving.


As many people are allergic to animal hair, dander, etc. the NO PETS policy is strictly enforced. Animals are not allowed in the villas or anywhere on the grounds, including anywhere on the golf course. Boarding kennels are located in Cranbrook, Invermere and Windermere and we have supplied PET CARE information within our website under the “Services” tab.

Only Guide and Service dogs that are specially trained by an accredited training school and government certified are permitted.

An additional cleaning charge will be levied if anyone is found in violation of this policy to cover the cost of extra cleaning and fumigation.  The animal will have to be removed.


Check out time is 10:00am at the latest. Our cleaning staff requires the 6 hours prior to the 4:00 pm check-in to ensure the villa is clean, sanitized and ready for the next occupant. We are grateful for your essential co-operation and understanding. Please remember to return your keys to the front desk when checking out.


There is a key drop off box located in the front doors of the Recreation Centre.


A phone is available at the Front Desk for local calls only (Fairmont Hot Springs, Windermere, Invermere, Radium Hot Springs, and Edgewater).


For your convenience, a FAX machine is located in the Administration Office. We will transmit and receive faxes on your behalf. Although the following prices are subject to change, the cost to receive a fax is $1.00 per page and the cost to send a fax is $1.15 per page within North America, and $1.50 per page to overseas destinations. Our fax number is 250 345-6299.


WiFi is complimentary in the villas and in the Recreation Centre.


All messages will be delivered to your unit. If you are not in your villa, the message will be left on the clip located outside the front door of your villa. Should you wish to be contacted during your stay, the office phone number is 250 345-6341 or toll free at 1 855 345-6341.


Dirt and off-road bikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles and similar equipment are not to be used anywhere on Fairmont property.


Please do not disturb your fellow owners and guests, be considerate and respect their privacy. Our security personnel are instructed to report all excessive noise after 10:00pm.


Although these small animals are friendly, cute, and very much a part of the Fairmont environment. We urge you not to feed them, or encourage them to come onto your deck or into your villa. Unfortunately, they create a substantial amount of damage each year to the villas by eating through screens, woodworking, shingles etc.