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Resale Listing Information and terms

Acquiring a Vacation Lease has provided many people with a wonderful holiday option. The well maintained villa accommodation at the Mountainside Resort offers visitors a very comfortable home away from home. Leaseholders have the option to join an exchange organization, Interval International, which will allow them increased flexibility in their holiday planning both in location and timing.

Potential purchasers of Vacation Leases should be very clear that acquisition entails a set of serious obligations. It would be foolhardy to purchase a lease without having a clear concept of what the leasehold contract entailed. Each lease entitles an owner to one week of holiday time. This week will occur either on an annual or biennial basis as determined by the lease. All leases have an expiry date with which you should familiarize yourself. A maintenance fee is due to your management company for each week you own by January 31st of every year in which you are entitled to lease use. The fee varies depending on the size of villa owned. Leasehold agreements provide the guidelines to which leaseholders must abide.

The following brief overview touches on sections, which deal directly with lease use. Check-in time is after 4 PM, and checkout is at 10 AM or earlier. Check-in and check out days will always be the same i.e.: (Sat. to Sat., Mon. to Mon.), and must be verified by a calendar published by the management company. These pre-arranged check-in days will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Including children, one-bedroom villas have a maximum occupancy of six people, and two bedroom villas a maximum of eight. Upon departure villas must be left in good and clean condition; occupants are responsible for breakage and damage. Maintenance department employees of the management company may enter units at all reasonable hours to make repairs and alterations to the villas. The lessor, represented by the management company, may issue rules and regulations governing villa use, which lessees must abide by. One vehicle may be parked near each villa, and another on the Mountainside Vacation Villa property. PETS and the use of R.V’S are strictly prohibited on the property.

Two categories of owners are administered by Fairmont Villa Management. Original leases were sold on a fixed basis, for example, B435 refers to unit B4 in week 35. Fixed lease owners always check into the same villa on the same day of the week in accordance with the week number stipulated in their lease. The Mountainside Vacation Interval Schedule issued by Fairmont Villa Management will pinpoint the exact date of check-in. The leaseholder must confirm their check-in date with the management company at least two weeks in advance of expected arrival. Fairmont Villa Management conducts a commissionable rental program on behalf of fixed owners, based on a company rental agreement being signed.

Four groups of seasonal floating owners exist. These owners must pre-arrange their holiday time for each week owned. Bookings may be made up to one year in advance on the first week day of the week in the year preceding the sought after week of arrival. Prime Ski leaseholders are entitled to book the first eleven weeks of the year. The Prime Golf period extends from late March to mid-June, and then again from early September to late October, excluding the Easter week. Golden owners are entitled to book Easter week, late June through early September, and the final two weeks of the year. The Leisure leases entitle owners to book space in November and the first half of December. The specific range of weeks owners are entitled will be detailed in the Vacation Lease, or in an ancillary document referred to as the Buyer Protection Agreement.

The Mountainside Weeks Schedule can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Once a floating week booking has been made a confirmation letter will be emailed. Holiday dates must be confirmed at least two weeks prior to check-in. Booked weeks can be used by the owner, deposited with Interval International, the vacation exchange company, or listed for rent in the commissionable rental program offered by the management company.  Guests or renters may use your lease time provided prior notification of the visiting party’s name and address is provided by the week owner. If arrangements are not made to book a week one month prior to the opening of the season (Prime Ski, Prime Golf, Golden, or Leisure) in which the lease is held, the un booked weeks of time become available for public rental. Provided maintenance fees are paid by the close of the relevant season a rental pool share cheque will be issued one month after the close of the season. Rental cheques almost never exceed the cost of a maintenance assessment, and are often less than $100.

All villas are NON-SMOKING and we are a strict NO-PET  property.

Please visit our search page to view the listing of available leases. Only indicate which leases you are seriously considering purchasing. Blanket requests on all listed leases will not be processed.