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Commemorative Bridge 2020

On May 31,2020 we experienced a flood that washed out the old bridge. Our team at Mountainside decided to build a new bridge so we could remember 2020.

The beams of this bridge were built in the 1890’s and are from the railway trestle from Fort Steele. Lloyd Wilder Sr. bought the bridge some 40 years ago, dismantled the bridge, and moved it to Fairmont. Some of the timbers were used in the development of the Riverside golf course for bridges over the Columbia river.

Another unique feature of this bridge are the side panels that were designed and cut by Brian Daviduke and his partner Kari Wood of BK Designz. They show some of the wildlife seen around Mountainside Villas.

Many thanks to all those that worked on this bridge to make it special which includes: Gary Crooks, Paul Barrett, Johnny Delacruze, Marc Fellmann, Brett Grieve, and David Dupont.

Thanks to Carol and Don Seable for developing the Mountainside Villas.

Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 will be forever remembered as the year from hell. Millions of people from around the world suffered from this virus and millions also lost their lives.

The Columbia valley was very lucky that we did not have a severe out break and therefore the Mountainside Villas were able to remain open and accommodate our villa owners and guests. At the time of opening the bridge, the pandemic is still raging, but vaccinations have now started in Canada.

Please use the bridge for memory photos of 2020.

David Dupont, author and CEO