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Columbia Valley



The city is a pressure cooker.

Office life, small spaces, traffic, noise, pollution, commuting and hectic schedules all conspire to
turn ordinary human beings into stressed out, time-starved, nervous wrecks. No wonder a recent
survey revealed that 73% of all working city dwellers, aged 20 to 64, reported uncomfortable
levels of stress and anxiety. No wonder therapists are seeing more patients now than at any
other time in Canadian history. No wonder our society is set to pop more pills for stress-related
disorders this decade, than in the two previous decades—combined.
Fortunately, there is another way.

The Columbia Valley, with its natural mineral hot springs, weather, lakes, beaches, ski hills, scenery, golf courses, and peaceful ambiance, represents a no-side effects cure for what ails city dwellers. It provides
unhurried asylum for the stressed, the over worked, and the anxious—all in one valley—that’s
just a three-hour drive away. The Great Divide isn’t just a geographical feature that provides our
border, it is a metaphorical watershed. One that separates a chaotic, stressful existence from a
more relaxed, peaceful one.

We recharge depleted batteries.

We save tortured souls.

We are the peaceful garden that is humanity’s birthright.

We are Columbia Valley. Where the city unwinds.


For upcoming events or valley information, please visit Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce.