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FAQ for Reserving


Q. Why is it so hard to get what I want?
A. In the summer, weeks 28-33 have always been the most popular weeks, it is impossible to accommodate every golden owner in those 6 weeks.

Q. What has changed, this was never this hard before?
A. The system has not changed, it is still call one year in advance of the week to book. Our booking day is Monday in 2022 to book for 2023. We are not at this time taking bookings at the front desk, so everyone must call and book. We have 6 lines for calls. The number of villas per week changes week to week as we also have fixed ownership.

Q. It seems like there are more owners than villas, have you oversold?
A. No, actually we have the same number of villas available for the number of owners we have per season. We have come to the end of the 1st 40-year leases so we have had a large number expire, some have been resold or extended but the ones that haven’t, have been transferred to the ‘developer’ which is Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ltd. They will continue to pay the management company annually for the leases, and have the right to use just like every other owner. The ‘developer’ has enough leases to utilize some villas in blocks T, W, X and Z starting January 1st, 2022.

Golden Season is divided between Easter week (for 2022, it is week 15) weeks 24 – 36 and weeks 51 & 52. 

We appreciate most of you wish to come in the summer but we cannot accommodate all of you in those weeks, you must keep in mind some Golden owners must book weeks 15, 24-28, 34-36, 51 and 52.

There will be 70 two-bedroom villas on property to book but there will NOT be 70 villas available to book every week, sometimes there will be 25 and sometimes there will be 35 sometimes less, sometimes more. Week to week it changes. The blocks available to floating owners are A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, K, L, M, P, R S, T, W, X & Z. They all have two-bedroom villas.

We have a lot of fixed ownership in the summer months in Blocks A – P; therefore, those villas will not be available for floating ownership to use.

Reservations opens at 9am (Mountain Standard Time) daily, on the Monday booking day we ask you to not call before then, it will just go to voicemail or ring busy.

Reservations are taken at 9am and not before, so if you leave a message at 7am, it will not be a valid request until after we have gone thru the phone lines starting promptly at 9am.

You may also email your request at 9am on the booking day, you may email to Dianna at or Erin at (please only email to one of us, not both)